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At Avenir we create love & Deliver bonds.

Avenir IT (pvt) Ltd is a 3600 software solution provider. We offer multi platform, multi technology dynamic software solutions for healthcare, entertaintment and food industry leaders in this country.

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Our Development Process

This model will enable you to focus more on your core business functions & utilize your entire effort to build the new big name in the industry.


It all starts here. You have the new big thing on your mind. That’s cool. Lets sit together and discuss about it.

You’ll explain your great idea to a curious people at Avenir and they’ll make sure to ask as may as questions. before you say that’s all.

Both you & our team will feel super confident about the project at hand after this details exploration exercises.


Finest piece of engineering fueled by passion & innovation will make sure everything we touch become a masterpiece that all your competitiors world dream of owening.


There loads of things that needs to done to deliver our great product to it’s users. We’ll take care of all this things like hosting, server/service configurations, customs, edge delivery, bumps, failovers, mirrors & there are lot more to it.

Meanwhile you can concentrate on marketing, promotions, reviews etc to build your brand without worrying about delay. Your product will be at your fingertips just when you nedd it. Cheers!!! you’re ready to rollout.


All going well so far & planing to sail new waters? Horizontal/Vertical for any type of expansions we got you covered. lets apply out success formular together again..

Analyze & Prototyping

Our team of experts will bread your story into small pieces & Start working on those individual parts of the story.

This round will involve multiple mock rounds, prototyping rounds to authenticate & verify that we get your story as the way you want to get.

Master Plan

Now we start planing the translation of you want story to a App/Service/Project.that is going to loved by millions of peoples.

We’ll consider technical & Non technical aspects, stackholders, & factors of the project along specially with the business modal, modification strategy & long term sustainability to ensure.

That we meet and go beyond the expectations & standards set by you.


You are doing great now & enjoying the result of all your hard work now. All your problems are sorted & sorting out.

But your will here new type of consurns like scaling operations, speeding up/optimizing certain areas, cater new demand, ensure availability etc.

Avenir team will take care of all things and we’ll lookafter the masterpiece we created for you.

You can stop worrying about your backend operations & think about moving to a new headquaters or bigger space.

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